So even our little adults can get sweaty, smelly feet! And what is causing that funky little odour? Bacteria and potentially fungi! Let’s talk about hygiene. Kids shoes can harbour lots of smelly nasties after running around on a hot day. Damp and moist conditions like sweaty shoes can cause awful conditions like athlete’s
feet and they could potentially have to be treated with anti-fungal creams.

1. Wash

The best way to keep those shoes fresh and clean is to simply give them a good wash. If shoes have removable inner soles, remove them first and wash separately to the shoe.

For canvas or fabric shoes and sneakers, firstly dislodge any dirt from the sides and bottom of the shoes by scrubbing off gently with a toothbrush. Use a bucket of mild warm soapy water with an antibacterial soap like Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Antibacterial Bar, dip in the toothbrush and get scrubbing! Then wash the entire shoe in a fresh soapy water thoroughly, rinsing in between until the water runs clear. Place the shoes outside to dry in the shade for several hours with the insole facing down.

For leather shoes and sandals, wipe them clean with a soft damp cloth that has been dipped in mild soapy water (once again, antibacterial soap) and squeezed of most water. We recommend only scrubbing the outer soles with a toothbrush if there is dirt lodged. Do not scrub the leather with the toothbrush.

With all types of shoes, dry in the shade on a warm day away from direct sunlight with the insoles facing down for several hours. They will come up looking (and smelling) like new!

2. Air Dry

If you don’t have the time to wash and you feel like those shoes are just full of perspiration and bacterial nasties, you can simply air dry them in the sun. If they have a removable insole, remove it first and place your kids shoes out on a table in the sun with the insole facing up for a maximum of 2hrs. Don’t leave shoes out in the sun for extended periods of time or it may fade the leather/fabric prematurely. Check them as you just want to do it for long enough that it dries the inner.

3. Protect

Prevent fading of leather by spraying your kids shoes with your leather protector prior to wear. It will prevent them from fading to lighter shades in the sun, from staining & scuff marks and will also make them water and dirt repellent (to a reasonable extent).

4. Polish

Speaking about scuffs, they can be simply buffed out with a leather polish. However be careful to choose the correct colour/shade. Place only a very small amount (size of a 10c coin) of the polish on a clean cloth and gently wipe in a circular motion over the scuffs.

5. Avoid wearing plastic!

Plastic shoes do not allow your child’s foot to breathe and can cause blisters from rubbing very quickly, especially on a hot day. Leather and cotton fabrics are breathable and are most definitely better for your child’s foot.

6. Alternate

Switch your kids shoes around every few days so they have time to be washed and/or dried properly.

7. Wash those feet

Wash and dry your kid’s feet thoroughly twice a day in Summer and it will keep the inner of their shoes cleaner.

Lastly, it is also really important that you do not use any sort of adult odour cleaners for your baby & kids shoes. They are products that have not been tested as safe for use on children’s sensitive skin and may contain harmful chemicals. Also do not use any bleach or solvents to wash your children’s footwear.

And they’re our top tips to keeping little feet clean and dry in their shoes this summer!