Choosing the right kind of shoes for infants, babies, and toddlers can be a confusing and tough thing. Whether your baby has started walking or not , he/she might need footwear and hence, you have to know and understand when to provide him/her with one. When a baby starts to learn how to walk on his own feet, it’s the best thing that he walks barefoot so that his tiny feet can have a better grip on the floor. This way, he will learn to balance on the feet in a better way. But, when your baby is having a day out or playing in the garden, you would need to protect his delicate feet, and hence, shoes will be necessary then. And this is the time when you would need to buy the right pair of shoes for your child. You can buy the best baby shoes online from the online store of Camino Kids. 

Here we will tell you which things to consider while you are choosing a pair of shoes for your little one.

A Few Tips that will Help You to Select the Correct Footwear for Your Baby

You should pay attention to basically 3 things while buying footwear for the tiniest member of the family – fit, form, and function.

  • The shoes should be of the perfect fit – Neither too loose nor too tight but of a perfect fit. You should ensure that your child’s big toes don’t get curled up inside the shoes. The feet should find ample space inside the shoes to move and grow. To check this, you can use your thumb to measure the width of the space between your child’s toe and the tip of the shoe.
  • The shoes’ form is important – Babies’ shoes should be lightweight with super-flexible soles. Look for shoes made of soft leather, canvas, or other breathable materials to provide the utmost comfort to the little feet. There should be fully adjustable fastenings in the shoes. The presence of padded ankles can provide better support and protection.
  • Look for the functional pairs of shoes – Here, one thing you should definitely keep in mind while shopping for shoes and clothes for kids is that, children grow very fast and so, the pieces that perfectly fit your child now can become tight within only a few months. And so, it is wise not to buy too many shoes at a time, rather make the purchases throughout the year. It is wiser to invest in a pair of shoes that your child can wear comfortably for the maximum period of time before it becomes too tight to wear anymore. You should buy the pairs, which are suitable for every occasion and can be worn for the most part of the year. You should check your baby’s foot size every three months to track the growth, and accordingly, buy new shoes. This way, you will be able to know when to buy a new pair.

Why Should You Buy Infant Shoes Online from Camino Kids?

Kids’ footwear, clothing, and accessories of the finest variety from a number of well-known international and local brands are available in this online store. The brands that you can find here include – Pretty Brave, Bobux, Vans, Saltwater Sandals, Nike, Freedom Moses, CryWolf Child, Happy Socks, Converse, Skechers, Sunday Soldiers, Timberland, and many more. This is the best destination for buying baby shoes online at the best price. You can find varieties of shoes in this e-store like sandals, boots, sneakers, and moccasins for babies as well as sports shoes, rain boots, and other varieties for kids.

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