Is your baby taking the very first steps towards toddlerhood? Then you must be super excited right now as this phase is very special for every parent. The transition from infancy to toddlerhood is such a phase when your little one learns to walk taking his/her first tiny steps. And this is also the time when your baby is ready to try some footwear and you need to be very careful in selecting the proper ones that are suitable for his/her little delicate feet.

So, here we are providing you with some essential tips that you should keep in mind while choosing the first pair of shoes for your kid – 

  • Checking the fit of the footwear is very important 

You first need to learn about the exact size of your baby’s feet and choose a footwear size accordingly. There should be adequate space in the shoes for the feet to grow and move freely, however, the footwear should not be too loose or too tight.

  • Choose footwear with flexible soles

Flexibility is very necessary when it comes to shoes for toddlers. Also, you should go for close-cropped soles to prevent your kid from tripping while walking or running. Pretty Brave shoes are simply perfect for babies and toddlers. These shoes are made of premium, soft, and natural leather, suede, and other high-quality breathable materials, and come with flexible and durable soles. This entire range of footwear from Pretty Brave is specifically designed for babies and toddlers and is perfect for this crucial transition phase.  

  • Look for shoes with adjustable fastenings

The adjustable fastenings ensure that the footwear fits perfectly and the foot does not slip out while walking. 

  • Footwear having padded ankles is a good choice

Padded ankles provide the much-needed support and protection to the delicate feet of your little one while he/she is taking the early steps wearing shoes.

  • Consider refitting regularly

Kids grow very fast and so are their feet. And therefore, it is important to recheck the size of your tot’s feet every six weeks to make sure that you are choosing the shoes that fit perfectly. You might need to change the footwear frequently as per the growing foot size.

  • Buy your baby’s shoes from only a reputable seller

You should make the purchase from the sellers, who specialize in offering footwear for kids like Camino Kids. You can try the Pretty Brave sandals and Pretty Brave shoes offered by this seller. From classic hi-top boots to cross over sandals and comfy shoes, different varieties are available from this brand.

No matter what you are shopping for your kids, whether it’s footwear, clothing, or other accessories, Camino Kids is the ultimate online shopping destination for babies, tots, and young children.

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