The big wide world of kids fashion, footwear & interiors. So many beautiful products, sites & social media feeds. Where does camino kids fit in among this wonderful online treasure market of unique finds for our kids?


Camino Kids was created from a love, well you could say fetish, for baby shoes. While looking for the “perfect” first baby outfit complete with matching little bootie moccs, Director & Founder, Jessica Sette realised there was a whole unknown world of baby & kids fashion, shoes, interiors & toys that presented her with products that seemed completely irresistible.

Similar to the longtime tradition of a woman’s glory box before she is to be married and have a baby, a pregnant woman will now happily spend a good portion of her “expecting” period collecting an ‘online’ glory box, storing and organising her favourite finds that will be purchased in preparation for the arrival of precious bub. Much time is spent scouring social media platforms, parenting & mummy blogs, small boutiques, eclectic markets and countless websites for the most beautiful treasures that can be found. Before we know it, we are on the 8th page of Google 2hrs later and forget what we were originally looking for!

Then as baby finally makes its way into the world and mothers enjoy putting on the carefully chosen first outfits & teeny tiny booties for those very special baby announcement photos, they quickly move on to the next phase of dressing these fresh bundles of joy in cutesy outfits for those coffee and lunch dates. Matching shoes to the well-planned outfits, well of course!

But as our little girl or guy starts to wriggle around more, we then start to think practicality as we wrestle with putting that little foot into a baby sneaker, thinking to our ourselves “but it just looks so good with these jeans”! Come on, we’ve all been culprits here! Then as they crawl and start to try and find their first steps, we wonder whether the shoes they wear are helping or hindering? Aah! What do we do now?! So let’s stop here and give you kids shoes 101.

We like to simplify and group shoes into categories appropriate for each age range:


Pre-stomper: 0-12m
Features: Soft and very flexible soles. Soft outer and inner materials.

Importance: Feet at this stage should be barefoot the majority of the time but that’s not always practical. When you do want to place a baby foot in a shoe, it should act as a second skin, give complete freedom to the toes and feet to arch, flex & move naturally.


Early-stomper: 12-24m
Features: Easily flexible non slip rubber or split soles suitable for walking outdoors, wide open and easy closures and cushioned inner soles.

Importance: Provide more stability and flexibility as toddlers start to walk so there is unrestricted movement with some grip to the floor.


Pro-stomper: 2-4yr
Features: Thicker and well gripped more rigid rubber soles.

Importance: Protect feet on different surfaces & support the arch of the foot.


Master-stomper: 4yr+
Features: Durability & strong construction.

Importance: Practicality and functionality for maximum support running around.


At every stage, shoes should be well fitted, measured and changed every 3 months if necessary and made of breathable materials like genuine leather. Easy slip on and removal features like elasticated heels, inner zips, wide openings and strong laces or strap closures are important too. Shoes shouldn’t be too big (more than a thumb space from the end of the shoe) but also not too restrictive or else they will encourage deformities to grow in little feet.

So while Camino Kids is yet another retailer fitting into the online world of kids fashion, we hopefully can help you find the shoe that fits. The shoe that fits at each development milestone, the shoe that is stylish but is also practical, comfy and is made of quality materials. We let you get up close and personal with each shoe and don’t hide any features. If we can be that go-to place for mums to find a good shoe for their babies, toddlers and kids, provide a wide range and build trust in our selection of high calibre shoe brands, well then we have done our job…oh and maybe you won’t need to search through 8 pages of Google to find the pair of shoes you were looking for.